About BEKL

BEKL combines rich international experience with a modern, localised approach to development; the rebranding of Amazon Property Group’s Australian operation to BEKL in 2020 has seen a new generation advance the internationally-esteemed company’s values in a refined context.


Boasting a depth of experience across international business, finance and negotiation, development management and acquisitions, lifestyle curation and more, the founding team at BEKL provide the business with a holistic approach to development, underpinned by a solid foundation to achieve rapid expansion and continued growth.


BEKL is passionate about developing spaces that encourage people to indulge in their zest for life while connecting with the local community, a value that is an integral part of each development and its operation.

Our Mission

BEKL’s mission is to enrich the wellbeing not only of those within the local community, but also within the broader society. Always with the end user’s experience in mind, BEKL projects are meticulously and strategically crafted to connect, encourage and sustain wellness of communities now and in the future. Through integrating sustainable and urban renewal practices into all aspects of the design and build process, BEKL aims to achieve emphasis on an elevated human experience.

Our Values

BEKL develop spaces for the community and its culture, spaces that serve as a natu5ral extension of a rich and wholesome lifestyle, and encourage deep connections with the local community. This thinking is evident in every one of our projects and underpins our development strategy.

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Katherine Liu, Managing Director of Melbourne Property Development Company BEKL

Katherine Liu

Managing Director, BEKL

With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in International Business from the University of Melbourne, Katherine is responsible for BEKL’s strategies, identifying opportunity and mitigating risk, and specialises in future-focused development management and strategic leadership.


Katherine’s projects are forged by identifying impending market demands. Observing the decreased demand within the commercial leasing sector during the series of Melbourne lockdowns, Katherine spearheaded the Curago Coworking Space projects. Recognising the upward trend of F&B in Melbourne post lockdown, Katherine also oversaw the acquisition of the renowned Charles Weston Hotel (Sporting Club Hotel).


Within her very first year in industry, Katherine developed an 86-unit student
accommodation, Masonic Residence and a 14-unit residential development. An exemplary display of her keen attention to detail and innovative approach.


Katherine’s work ethos is underpinned by projects that presents maximum environmental sustainability and longevity. She is passionate about ground-breaking urban design and eco-conscious materials and how these can make a positive impact on the community.

Eva Liu

Executive Director, BEKL

With an enviable experience in lifestyle curation and brand alignment, Eva has been instrumental in determining BEKL’s design-led approach to human experience. Her direction has elevated the brand and set it apart from its competitors, heralding a new era in Australian property development.


Hailing from a family with a wealth of experience in the construction and development industry, Eva innately understands the importance of quality. This appreciation for excellence aligns with BEKL’s unwavering commitment to high quality and longevity, and is apparent with Eden Oak Geelong, a retreat-style accommodation and event space which she successfully managed.


Through Eva’s keen interest in people and social impact, wellbeing has become an intrinsic part of BEKL’s approach, with an additional focus on the care for surrounding communities through strategic partnerships.